Financial and Business Attorney Jeffrey Nemecek Gets the Job Done

January 17, 2019
Jeffrey Nemecek

Many decades ago, back in 1970, Jeffrey Nemecek began to get an education. He started by graduating from Hamilton College with a Bachelor’s Degree, and then moving on to the University of Chicago Law School in 1974, where he received his Juris Doctor law degree and became an attorney. As impressive as his education has been, what he has learned through his experience has certainly been even more valuable to attorney Jeff Nemecek.  Admitted to the Bar in Alabama back in 1975, in New York in 1977, in Minnesota back in 1984, in Florida in 1987, and in New Jersey in 1989, Jeffrey Nemecek he is capable of practicing as an attorney in many parts of the country.

Overall, Jeffrey Nemecek can point to considerably more than three decades’ experience in the practice of law, primarily in the areas of public and project financing. In fact, financing areas Jeffrey Nemecek has worked with has covered almost everything, from such instruments as project-revenue financing, conduit transactions, to excise tax revenue obligations, loan pool obligations, taxpayer funded projects and obligations, and government-appropriated funding options, like tax-exempt and taxable obligations.

Attorney Jeffrey Nemecek - Project Financed

July 15, 2018
If you are looking for an attorney to help you with your next project that needs financing, you should look into attorney Jeffrey Nemecek. He has a plethora of experience to back up his reputation of success. He has helped find financing for projects such as facilities for not-for-profit corporations, acquisitions of municipal hospital systems by a public benefit corporation, highway systems and general municipal buildings and facilities. Attorney Jeffrey Nemecek knows what is takes from a legal and a planning perspective to get projects financed. His experiences make him the ideal candidate to help you on your next financing project.
Throughout his long career, attorney Jeffrey Nemecek has gained extensive experience as both a bond counsel and an underwriters’ counsel.